Goals based portfolios

Personalised investment strategies

Targeting investment outcomes to meet your goals


Dynamic Asset Consulting builds and manages a range of investment portfolios that are specifically designed to match up with your strategic investment goals and deliver specific investment outcomes. Different portfolios can then be blended to construct an overall portfolio that has a high probability of meeting your unique circumstances and objectives.

Our portfolios target real rates of return over inflation with a focus on preservation of capital.

To achieve this we operate on a Dynamic Asset Allocation (DAA) basis with a broad asset allocation range. That is, we invest where we think you’ll get the best risk adjusted returns, and if we think the risks aren’t justified, then we simply won’t invest in that asset class.

Our Goals Based Portfolios are divided into two main types; (1) cash flow, and (2) risk / return outcomes.

The cash flow and liquidity portfolios are designed around timeframes, so when you want your capital to be available to you, it’s there. The range includes

Then we have our risk / return based portfolios which allow you to look at wealth creation or preservation options, depending on what you want, or where you are at your stage in life. These portfolios are designed to match the risk / return outcomes you want or need to achieve your long-term financial goals.

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• Tailored investment portfolios
• Making investing personal
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